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Medical Assessor In The Department Of Social Protection


Department Of Social Protection


Midlands - Longford, North East - Cavan, Dundalk, Dublin - Nth Cumberland Street


The Department of Social Protection is responsible for the development of income support policies, labour market activation programmes and other support policies together with the management and delivery of social welfare schemes, employment, community and other services. The Department administers over 70 schemes of which 15 are illness related. Confirmation of medical eligibility is a critical element of certain schemes. This is undertaken by the Medical Review and Assessment Service (MRAS), based on medical certification and reports provided by the claimant’s medical practitioner and, in some instances, based on medical assessments undertaken by Medical Assessors (MAs) who are medical practitioners employed by the Department. Vacancies now exist for the position of Medical Assessor. The post mainly involves the provision of impartial medical opinion for the guidance of the Department’s Deciding Officers in determining entitlements to the various medical related schemes operated by the Department. Medical Assessors may also participate in relevant research projects and educational activities. The ideal candidate will be a medical practitioner who is fully registered in the General Register of Medical Practitioners maintained by the Medical Council of Ireland or who is entitled to be so registered and have at least three years satisfactory postgraduate training and experience in the medical profession.

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