The employer is no longer accepting applications for this job advert.

Instructional Specialist

Schumper Limited t/a Aquila Education
Work from home, Cork

Company Overview

Schumper Limited LLC, an education technology startup based in Cork, is seeking an instructional developer for full time work.  Schumper limited develops augmented and virtual reality apps for the education market, and pairs each app with curriculum and lessons for teachers and students.    

Job Description

We are seeking an instructional designer who has experience designing educational curriculum for primary and secondary students, as well as developing teacher resources.  This is a work from home position.

There are a variety of projects in development, which include:     

Support with App Development

You will work with our Unity developer and other instructional specialists to create and identify augmented and virtual reality apps.  You will not be responsible for developing the app, but provide examples and support with content and how the app can be used in a classroom setting. 

Curriculum Development

You will develop a 45-60 minute lesson with a student worksheet and set learning objectives based on a topic using a variety of activities.  You will also design the teacher lesson plan and presentation that will be paired with the student worksheet. This is an ongoing project, with an average of 1-2 lesson “packets” being developed each week based on a variety of topics.  The lessons will be used in conjunction with the AR/VR app mentioned above.    

Online Courses

Development of online courses for teachers and students based on the latest teaching strategies and relevant curriculum.  You will highlight the main learning objectives for the course, break the objectives into smaller modules and then develop a series of “lessons” for each module.  Each lesson can consist of Powerpoint videos (3-5 minutes), word documents, infographics and articles. This is a collaborative effort, and you will work closely with the other instructional designer in the development of the online course.  We develop 1-2 courses per year.  

Development of Teacher Resources

Each week we develop a series of resources to support teachers in their role.  These can include short videos (1-2 minutes), infographics and blog posts. Based upon your research on the latest teaching strategies and educational technology, you can choose a topic to develop a resource to share with our online community. 

Location: Work from home

Salary: €32,000 - €37,000


  • Experience working in a primary of secondary school
  • Experience designing curriculum/lessons
  • Interest in technology that can be used in an educational setting (robotics, coding, AR/VR, computers, etc)
  • Passionate about education and supporting teachers and students
  • Up-to date on education trends and cutting-edge technology

Additional Skills

  • Video creation and editing
  • Graphic design
  • Blog writing
  • Social media marketing (Twitter chats, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Photoshop
  • Experience in online course development


  • Bachelor's degree in education or equivalent experience
  • 2+ years working in a primary, secondary or tertiary education setting
  • Ability to design learning experiences 
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Technology-savvy.  Ability to easily work on a computer and with GSuite (Docs, Sheets Forms, etc), Facebook, Twitter, Canva, Instagram etc
  • Ability to learn new skills 
  • Demonstrated compassion for students & educators
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Ability to identify an objective and design engaging activities to meet those objectives